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Simple crit for Minnie- Salinas by FUNKYMONKEY1945 Simple crit for Minnie- Salinas by FUNKYMONKEY1945
Cool character.  When it comes to designing characters, it's a good idea to figure out as much as you can about the character.
Some artists I've worked with go straight to silhouette and are amazing at this.  I've used this method but it does not work for me.  I like
to doodle out simple drawings of what I want after I answer some question. Simply saying that he's a good guy or bad guy is not enough. 
If he's a bad guy, what kind of bad guy?  Is he powerful, weak, athletic, snobby, neat, sloppy, etc.  The more questions you can answer the
easier it is to make some design choices.

Quick example of a soldier standing at attention. ( If he slouches a little it shows that maybe he's tired or maybe he's not that disciplined.
If his uniform is unkempt dirty with blood stains, shows us that this soldier was just in battle.  If he has a stubble, shows us that he's been
on the battlefield for quite some time.  Add bandages and scuffs, it explains why he's slouching.  Chances are; he's injured.  Just one direction
you can go. )

Think about the proportion of things.  Right now he feels a little stubby.  All the shapes are about the same size.  It's a good idea
to vary sizes and organize them into big, medium, and small shapes.  Once you work out your design and know more about your
character it becomes a little easier to pose them.

One of the teachers I look up to for characters is Axel Ortiz.  There's a lot of life and character in his doodles because he knows the character
even before he puts his pencil down. ( Designs with a clear intent )

Hope this helps
ultimatelightspeed Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Brilliant notes.
walternonames Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome notes.
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